Arcoro Saves Denver Contractor 40 Hours a Week

For Denver-based contractor Heggem-Lundquist, manual paper processes simply didn’t align with their future goals to streamline their business operations. With up to 20 active positions during the busy season, using the Arcoro Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding modules saves the HR team up to 40 hours per week so they can work towards more automation and enhancing their employer brand.

Replacing Paper Processes

Before implementing the ATS and Onboarding modules, Heggem-Lundquist’s application and onboarding processes were inconvenient for both candidates and staff. Each time a candidate was interested in a position, they would need to stop by or schedule time to visit the office to fill out an application. This required staff to be present in the office at all times and took up space to store paper applications and resumes, resulting in a compliance risk. When the team decided to hire a candidate, the same process was required to complete new hire onboarding paperwork.

Moving Toward Automation

Heggem-Lundquist, a 250 employee company, knew it needed to make a change to compete. “We saw that people were going online to look for employment and learned that many of our competitors had an automated ATS,” said HR Director, Tracy Morrissey. Heggem-Lundquist decided an automated process would help bring in more qualified candidates and keep their files organized electronically. Annual EEOC reporting is now also made easier with access to their AAP reporting in just a few clicks.

In addition, Morrissey uses the ATS and Onboarding documentation to enhance their employer brand and reach their local community. “With much of our workforce being Spanish-speaking, we didn’t have a way to provide Spanish applications or onboarding documents before, so it’s nice to offer that option now with some of our Spanish language forms and online translators.”


• Staff members were required to be in the office at all times to collect applications and onboarding documentation
• Storing paper applications and onboarding paperwork was a compliance risk
• No options for Spanish-speaking applicants or new hires


• HR saves 40 hours per week on recruiting and onboarding
• Fully automated application and onboarding processes
• Spanish-language application and onboarding documentation available
• Staff can process applications and new hire documentation from anywhere
• Annual EEOC reporting is fast and easy

Modules Used

Applicant Tracking System


Heggem-Lundquist uses pre-screening questions to identify the right fit with applicants. To reach their company-wide automation initiatives, they use mobile-friendly systems for many areas of business. “The ATS is very easy for our HR team and applicants to use,” said Morrissey. “So easy that if a candidate struggles with filling out their application, they probably would struggle with some of our other processes and software systems. In that way it’s been an unplanned screening tool for us.”

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Heggem-Lundquist uses a variety of systems to keep their field and office operations running smoothly. Morrissey has used different HRIS systems in the past, which have been clunky and required too many integration dependencies. “I love that I have the option to integrate systems, but I can still work within the Arcoro ATS and it doesn’t create problems for the rest of my HR processes. The flexibility is my favorite aspect,” said Morrissey.

Ease of use and flexibility were the two main deciding factors that led Heggem-Lundquist to choose the Arcoro ATS and Onboarding modules. “The people we hire are not typically technical gurus so it can’t be intimidating for them to apply or provide their HR information,” said Morrissey.

Responding to COVID-19

Heggem-Lundquist was classified as an essential business when COVID-19 concerns rose. With the Arcoro ATS and Onboarding modules, Morrissey was able to continue bringing in new hires without risking employee health and safety.

“Using Arcoro allowed us to still actively manage applicants and hiring events remotely. It’s been amazing and it wouldn’t have been possible with the way we were recruiting before,” said Morrissey.

A Bright Future

Morrissey and her team have plans to continue optimizing their workforce and adding new automation tools. Since the team doesn’t need to process applications and new hire paperwork manually, they have more time to focus on broader strategies to reach their automation goals. Morrissey estimates that Arcoro has helped her save up to 40 hours per week, reducing the need for additional office staff.

As Heggem-Lundquist looks toward the future, they are considering additional Arcoro modules, like the Learning Management System (LMS). Morrissey appreciates the flexibility and support from the Arcoro team and her Account Manager. “Our Account Manager is a great resource to us. Anytime I want to explore other products, I know I’m not going to hear a sales pitch. I appreciate the partner relationship I have with Arcoro,” she said.

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