Utility Contractor Eases Recruiting and Hiring Compliance Pain with Arcoro ATS

Paper system causes headaches and difficulty reporting

Finding top talent is a struggle faced by many companies in construction and utilities. What makes that struggle more difficult is when these companies are federal contractors subject to OFCCP documentation regulations. For one large full-service construction and utility contractor the challenge was heightened. The company hadn’t evolved its recruiting process from paper applications and in fact applications were being filled out in the field from the back of trucks. People found out about field jobs through word of mouth and corporate positions were filled using a recruiting firm. With the corporate office managing all HR functions, paper applications were mailed in on a quarterly basis, unless an applicant was hired right away in which case the application was sent in immediately. This resulted in high postage costs as well as manual effort to track AAP and EEO data. The company’s compliance director knew the company needed to do more to ensure OFCCP requirements were easily tracked and reportable in the event of an audit.


  • 100% paper application process
  • High cost from using recruiting firms
  • OFCCP requirements for federal contractors hard to document


  • Cost savings of over $150,000 in first 4 months
  • Improved quality of hires
  • OFCCP documentation requirements met. Audits and scrutiny avoided.

Modules Used

Applicant Tracking System

Automation holds the key

The company needed a tool that would deliver compliance, automation and an online application process. The compliance director knew the best place to start was with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Twelve different systems were reviewed with the company selecting the Arcoro ATS. “The Arcoro ATS met our needs,” said the compliance director. “It has the strongest focus on compliance and Arcoro is a more nimble company, allowing quick responsiveness to meet our needs.”

Consistent system brings better hires and significant savings

After rolling out the Arcoro ATS to the entire company, feedback could not be more positive. Foremen in the field find the system simple and easy for to use. Candidate batching ensures managers are looking at the highest scoring applicants and making better hires. The cost savings alone from automating the recruiting process have impressed company leadership. Within the four months of roll-out, the company had saved over $150,000 in recruiting and hiring costs over the same time period in 2014.

In the future, the company plans to fully integrate their existing onboarding and background screening process with the Arcoro ATS and then purchase the remaining modules of Arcoro Talent Management System: Performance, Learning and Succession.

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