Arcoro Hiring Package Streamlines Recruiting Process for East Coast Contractor

To reduce the need for hiring, they needed to put processes in place to improve retention and build a talent pool.

Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal is one of the top 10 roofing contractors in the country. Based in Wheeling, W.V., the nearly 40-year-old company has five locations spread out across five states in the eastern US and with 500 to 1,000 employees during the peak season. The roofing contractor specializes in complex commercial exterior envelope applications for various markets including the automotive, chemical, government, entertainment, education and healthcare industries.

Current Challenges

For the last few years, Kalkreuth has been growing fast. But with only one full-time recruiter for five locations, the company needed solutions that would allow them to quickly fill open positions with qualified applicants while reducing the increased turnover experienced throughout the construction industry.

With 10 to 15 jobs typically open at all times, they needed a way to not only recruit enough talent but quickly get workers on the job. Posting jobs, sorting and storing applications and communicating with applicants manually took more time than the team had to get all their openings filled. In addition, it was difficult to get input from supervisors who were in the field. Getting resumes to them for review was another logistical stumbling block that slowed the process.

To reduce the need for hiring, they needed to put processes in place to improve retention and build a talent pool. But finding the resources to implement these processes was difficult while the team was consumed with hiring.


  • Quickly hire qualified candidates to meet growing demand
  • Make it easier for managers to participate in the hiring process
  • Get new hires on the job faster
  • Improve the performance tracking process


  • Automated process allows small staff to achieve ambitious hiring goals
  • Remote managers can easily participate in the hiring process
  • Hiring Solution gets new hires on the job faster
  • Performance is much easier to document

Modules Used

Applicant Tracking System


Performance Management System

"This brings us firmly into the 21st Century. I really don’t know how Kalkreuth could do it better."

Payten Gibson, Human Resources Business Partner


The company implemented Arcoro’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding solutions in 2016. Since then, Payten Gibson, Human Resources Business Partner for Kalkreuth, says Arcoro’s hiring package has completely simplified their recruiting process.

ATS Automates and Streamlines Recruiting

The ATS automates job posting and candidate communications, greatly reducing manual tasks that must be completed by the hiring manager. Applications and resumes are stored in a cloud-based portal where they can be easily accessed by individual managers. Now the HR recruiter can source better candidates, compare candidates and get the information to individual managers so they can review it all on their own time.

Onboarding Software Simplifies Day One Processes

Once a candidate is approved, HR makes the offer and sets up onboarding for the new employee. “It has streamlined so much for us,” Gibson says. She adds that the Onboarding solution has made next steps “a breeze.” Data from the ATS flows into the Onboarding module, simplifying the completion of required documents and insuring accurate record-keeping. Plus, since the candidates themselves are entering and uploading all their own information, the number of data errors are reduced. To start the process, Gibson says, “I simply click a couple of buttons.”

Performance Management Makes Tracking Development a Snap

In 2018, the company was ready to upgrade their performance management processes, adding Arcoro’s Performance Management module to their suite. “We were doing all our performance management on paper, which was a nightmare to track,” said Gibson. “We decided to explore our options with Arcoro and now can easily document this process as well.”

With Arcoro’s ATS and Onboarding software modules, Kalkreuth is filling openings faster and increasing the speed with which new hires get to work. Combined with the Performance Management module, they have simplified the process of providing employees with feedback and facilitating their development, a key step in minimizing turnover. In combination, these modules enable Kalkreuth to build a talent pool they can draw from internally or when they need to fill new openings with external talent.

Are you ready to simplify your HR processes and build your best team? Arcoro’s ATS, Onboarding and Performance Management modules can help your team save time and money. Quickly attract, identify and hire the best candidates, then provide them with a great onboarding experience.

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