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Consolidate your processes and keep payroll simple. With Arcoro, you can effortlessly connect your HR solution and payroll in one integrated, cloud-based location while maintaining HR compliance.

Manage payroll for one or multiple companies—with the option to process paychecks in-house. Avoid duplicate or lost data, and ensure all data is moved without error into payroll processing. Make all pay dates and tax deadlines with ease using Arcoro’s easy-to-use payroll module.

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How You Benefit

Flexible and Scalable

Import times and fill in our easy-to-configure pay entry grid with details like deductions, earnings and tax codes for an always scalable quantity of EINs.

Full HR Integration

Sync data in real-time between our HR and payroll software modules, including employee demographics, compensation rates and transactions, direct deposits and more.

In-House Payroll Processing

In-house payroll admins can transfer payroll data automatically, allowing them to easily create and print manual checks.

Digital Access for Employees

Paystubs and W2s are synced to our accessible employee portal, where workers can view them anytime.

Payroll Tax Compliance

The Arcoro payroll module automatically calculates your federal, state and local taxes to ensure full tax compliance, and allows you to generate paystubs and mandatory W2 tax documents for sharing with workers via the cloud-based employee portal.

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