The Bridge to Better Recruiting

Recruiting top talent can be a challenge. From skillset and background to culture fit and growth potential, there is a lot to consider when deciding on the right fit.

Arcoro’s recruiting software helps teams attract the right fit for the job while enhancing your employer brand. Create an easy candidate experience to remove employment barriers and increase the pool of potential new hires.

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Manager Benefits

Post jobs

Distribute jobs with one click to leading and niche job boards to spread awareness of your openings fast.

Organize candidates

Rank candidates in priority order with pre-qualifying assessments and pre-screening questions so you can spend time with the most qualified candidates.

Manage high‑volume hiring

Save job templates to use for future job openings, refresh job postings automatically and send automated offer letters for high-volume or seasonal hiring.

Push information to Onboarding

When you’ve found the right fit, automatically send their applicable information into Arcoro Onboarding to get new hires up-to-speed faster.

Candidate Benefits

Automated communication

Keep candidates in-the-loop by sending automated communication at each stage of the application and hiring process.

Provide an easy application process

An easy application gets candidates into your network fast. With features like resume parsing and no login requirements, candidates can apply in minutes.

Send offer letters

When you’ve found the right candidate, create and send an offer letter automatically with all of the necessary information. Candidates can sign off directly from their computer or mobile device.

Stay compliant

Store candidate information securely and access reporting to stay compliant with the latest hiring requirements.

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