Arcoro + Viewpoint

ERP + HR = People Process Automation

Arcoro is the leading modular HR management software provider for the construction industry. Viewpoint Spectrum is smart, powerful and easy-to-use software for construction contractors to grow and manage all aspects of their business. The value of our partnership for our joint customers is the integration of HR with ERP to minimize double entry and help manage more of the employee lifecycle.

The Power of Our Partnership

  • Automation shifts your HR team’s focus to how you hire, manage, and grow your people.
  • Connect data, centralize certifications, and standardize your people processes.
  • Automated integration eliminates paper, email, and spreadsheets to save time, money, and bridge the gap for people management.

Integration Data Flow

Time and Attendance

Hire Modules (ATS and Onboarding)

Hire and Manage Modules (ATS, Onboarding, and Core HR)

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