Arcoro helps your business grow with in-demand HR modules that simplify employee management and compliance.

“Arcoro really wins in the industry for co-branding and partnership. It’s a true partnership. You’re interested in what we are interested in.”

Eileen Westbrook
Executive Vice President, CUPeople

The Arcoro Value Prop

Integrated & Modular

Provides a proven, integrated and module-driven HR solution that companies build on as they grow.

Simpler Workflows

Automates HR workflows to allow more time for higher impact projects.

One-Stop Access

Promotes streamlined management with easy data access for HR admins and the teams they support.


Maintain HR compliance with built-in reporting and audit-ready features.

More opportunities to win with a modular HR solution.

As companies look to simplify operations, HR solutions are in high demand. With a keen focus on high-risk, high-compliance industries, the modular Arcoro platform integrates with over 300 vendors for easier compliance—and a solution that grows with their needs.

How we support
our partners.

Flexible Offering

The Arcoro platform can be sold as one or two integrated modules or a full HR package, so it suits any size business at any stage of their HR and compliance needs—making it an easy fit for your clients.

Sales/Marketing Support

We’re the solution experts so you don’t have to be. Rely on us for robust marketing materials plus sales demos, scripts and training to support successful referrals and sales.

Partner Portal

A secure partner portal is stocked with easy-to-access marketing and sales assets, pricing documentation and more. Seek assistance via the portal, set up prospect pages for potential customers, or share its content via email or social media.


A seasoned account management team will guide you through the partner onboarding process step by step.

Customer Care

Depending on your support requirements, our team of experts is on hand to train and support your clients as needed.

“Arcoro drew us in with their platform’s integration capabilities and their emphasis on partner relationships.

Angela Adams
Account Executive, CorpStrat

Become a Benefits Broker Partner

Gain a competitive edge with current and prospective clients by reselling and referring value-added HR automation solutions.

Today, high-compliance businesses are looking to simplify HR workflows to secure data and improve processes. Arcoro’s cloud-based solution offers access and transparency at a company-wide level. It simplifies processes from employee record management to benefits management in one convenient location.

Arcoro’s technical experts will handle all issues and troubleshooting so benefit brokers can focus on other, more important responsibilities.

Our modular HCM solution offers:

  • An integrated, modular, adaptable HR solution for your clients
  • Onboarding, employee benefit enrollment, ACA compliance, dependent verification and more
  • Easy implementation for new or existing clients
  • Growth opportunities with increased enrollment
Electronic Data Interchange File (EDI)

Send benefit data automatically to your carriers and benefit deductions to payroll through a sophisticated Electronic Database Integration (EDI) engine.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Employees will have access to all of their benefit information and other HR-related data including payroll history, PTO, company documentation and more with one login.

ACA Compliance for Benefit Brokers

Assist your clients with ACA, benefit-related compliance and other HR compliance challenges. We help you make complying with established labor law painless with automated efficiencies.

Automated Open Enrollment (OE) Process

Execute a successful OE with innovative Benefits Management software.

Benefits Compliance Made Simple

Use the data in the system to ensure your client is current with dependent verification, benefit eligibility and other compliance related issues.

Become an Integration
or Technology Partner

Strengthen your suite of management solutions, expand your services beyond payroll—and be the first to meet your clients’ comprehensive HR needs.

Arcoro offers a complete HR software solution for everything that leads up to payroll, and beyond. With advanced integrations to other software and systems, as well as between modules, your clients can easily build on their solution and sync with your payroll software, eliminating redundancies while increasing efficiency.

Streamline data from benefits management, time and attendance, performance management and more to ensure true payroll accuracy.

The Arcoro platform offers:

  • A unified and accessible HR solution for your clients
  • Seamless integration of HR fields such as benefits administration and time and attendance with payroll
  • Growth through an all-encompassing payroll and workforce management solution
Advanced Integration

Take advantage of fast, efficient connections to seamlessly link HR with your payroll service bureau software.

Modern HR Process

Give your clients the motivation to transform their manual or inefficient processes into a total digital transaction. Remove manual errors and the need for paper documentation with business-critical data streamlined in the cloud.

Become a Reseller or Referral Partner

Whether you are a Value-Added Reseller or another type of vendor wishing to refer or resell an HR system, expand your portfolio and increase your value by partnering with Arcoro. Our powerful cloud-based solution offers benefits management and employee self-service tools as well as time and labor management, payroll services and more.

Arcoro’s advanced integration is tailor-made for VARs, resellers and ERP consultants. Offer your customers one point of entry for HR information that flows in real-time to their current ERP tool. With full HCM capabilities, you can ensure that your offering is on the cutting edge of innovation.

The Arcoro platform offers:

  • A single entry point within the ERP platform, eliminating the need for your clients to purchase a separate solution
  • An HCM solution you can bring to the table and round out your offerings to current and prospective clients
  • Time savings for clients by eliminating redundant processes and rekeying of data
  • A potential new revenue stream

Not all ERP systems feature the tools that can enhance business-critical HR processes. An integration with Arcoro will ensure that your clients have the technology available to seamlessly manage their high-compliance HR and payroll data.

HR Compliance

Make ACA compliance, benefit-related compliance and other HR-related regulatory hurdles much more pain-free for your clients.

Connections + Extensions

Leverage integrations with Acumatica, NetSuite or Sage to increase efficiency.

Modernized HR Process

Help your clients remove manual inefficiencies, go paperless, protect high-compliance data and sharpen their processes.

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