Success is measured differently by everyone, but a recruiter is ultimately successful when he or she finds quality candidates that contribute to the success of a company. Every recruiter uses different tactics, but below are six good habits that can be adopted by anyone. 

1. Be Responsive

With more jobs than applicants, recruiters are facing competition like never before. A successful recruiter knows standing out from the pack is critical. Being responsive to applicants helps you stay fresh in the applicant’s mind. Send emails throughout the entire application process to keep the candidate interested and updated on where they stand in the hiring process. For example:

  • Send an email immediately after the candidate applies.
  • Send emails to let the candidate know where they stand during the hiring process.
  • Send an email to let the candidate know if they didn’t get the job.

2. Be Efficient 

Time is precious and today’s recruiters have to do more, with less. In-house recruiters might be juggling 30 to 40 open requisitions at any one time. And on top of that, some candidates apply for multiple positions within the same company, potentially confusing recruiters and HR managers. A successful recruiter takes notes about each candidates and attaches them to their file so they don’t waste time processing multiple applications.


3. Use Personalization

Forging a personal connection with an applicant can mean the difference between that candidate accepting a position or not. Eighty-seven percent of candidates say a positive interview experience can change their mind about a company. The best recruiters remember details about applicants and use that information in correspondence through the application process.

  • “Last time we spoke you were going on a camping trip. How did it go?”
  • “How did your daughter’s softball season end?”
  • “I hope you had a great birthday.”

Creating a relationship can also pay off in the future. Even if a candidate is rejected for the position they applied for, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be wonderful for a future position.

  • “You impressed us so much the last time you interviewed that even though we don’t feel the position you applied for was the right fit, we have one available we’d love you to apply for.”

4. Keep Communication Open

Successful recruiters understand communication between them and managers helps the best candidates get hired. Keep managers in the loop about the process so everyone is on the same page about which candidates are best for the position. Providing information about the applicants’ strengths and weaknesses, and providing updates eliminates any disconnects, sets the candidate up for success and speeds up the hiring process.

5. Cooperative with Staff

Being a successful recruiter is all about being a team player. It is not about whether the recruiter thinks the applicant will be a good fit, the entire team should provide input. The more invested your employees are in recruitment, the more likely they are to share job openings with friends. In fact, 35 percent of employees will refer jobs to friends, 32 percent do it to help the company and 26 percent do it just to be a valuable colleague.

6. Plan for the Future

Not every trend needs to be followed, but some do predict the direction the industry is going. For example, online job boards account for 60 percent of job searches. Can you remember the last time someone printed and mailed you a resume? A successful recruiter recognizes trends, like how candidates apply for a position from multiple job sites and social platforms, so they know to effectively distribute postings.

An applicant tracking system allows recruiters to maintain these good habits. An ATS allows recruiters to automate processes like posting jobs to multiple sites, responding to emails and organizing applications. BirdDogHR’s Applicant Tracking Software is a cloud-based software solution that helps even the most successful recruiters hire top talent quickly and efficiently.

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