Automated Recruitment Process Ensures Accountability for SpawGlass

HR processes are hindered by email-to-apply process and difficult reporting

While SpawGlass did not have difficulty bringing in applications as many construction companies do, their process was pain inducing to the recruitment team and the hiring managers. “We have thirty hiring managers spread across the state — some in the field and some in the office — and all applications were running through me,” says Laurie Ingle, SpawGlass VP of Human Resources. “Our process required a large percentage of my time and hiring managers were limited to what resumes I provided to them.” Ingle was caught in a process that, while potentially paperless for the applicant, required excessive paper for the internal team. To compound this problem, reporting on OFCCP recruiting requirements was completely manual leaving room for data entry errors. “Any HR goals we wanted to accomplish were hindered by the time-consuming application distribution and manual reporting,” continues Ingle.


  • Job postings for 7 locations were manual and running through one person
  • OFCCP recruiting requirements for federal contractors hard to meet


  • HR saves 15-20 hours a week
  • Hiring managers save time by reviewing applicants that are ranked by answers to screening questions

Modules Used

Applicant Tracking System

Automation speeds and simplifies recruiting

Ingle knew something needed to change. In the fall of 2014, she began looking at vendors to significantly improve the recruitment process at SpawGlass. At the Associated General Contractors of America annual HR and Training Professionals Conference, Ingle learned about Arcoro and the Arcoro ATS, speaking with other clients about their experiences and how the system met their needs. Of the solutions evaluated, the Arcoro ATS was the only system without concerns across the organization. “Everyone internally was on board with the Arcoro ATS,” says Ingle. “IT was satisfied with the technical aspects, HR was pleased with the compliance reporting and bilingual capabilities and our hiring managers were excited about the consistent ranking of applicants.”

New recruitment process yields cross-organizational benefits and stronger accountability

With the Arcoro ATS now a staple of the recruitment process at SpawGlass, every stakeholder is pleased with the results. Ingle saves 15 to 20 hours a week with the ATS in place, giving her more time to innovate and streamline other HR processes. Hiring managers are easily able to search past applicants when a new position opens. The COO of SpawGlass holds hiring managers accountable for their recruitment efforts with reports Ingle pulls. Reporting for OFCCP compliance is easier than ever for Ingle and her team. “If the time savings and cross-organizational benefits weren’t enough, I have been surprised by the ease-of-use of the system – not only for myself, but for everyone who touches it,” says Ingle. “Applicants tell us how simple the system is to use and our hiring managers encourage each other to use it.”

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