Construction Contractor Manages Complex Workforce with Arcoro

Arcoro allowed Current Builders to move to paperless payroll, collect instant and actionable labor data across job sites, and manage operations across the Southeastern U.S. Here’s their story.

The ‘s’ on the end of Current Builders seems appropriate. The company actually comprises four closely-linked commercial contracting businesses headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida: a general contractor, a concrete specialty contractor and two other subsidiaries. They employ about 500 workers and are incorporated in eight states, but they are most active on the east and west coasts of Florida.

Current Builders specializes in both tunnel-form labor and conventional construction, with projects spanning from commercial and industrial buildings for the likes of UPS and FedEx to mixed-use projects, including a $115 million residential/commercial retail space called Uptown Boca.

A scattered team called for greater efficiency

Current Builders Controller Teresa Blamires was already part of the team when the downturn hit 12 years ago. The company stayed afloat by expanding from strictly commercial into military construction throughout the Southeast. They also won a bid on a residential job in Mississippi. All of this made payroll with paper timesheets more complicated and opened up more room for errors.


• Integrate time-tracking with existing operations
• Simplify timekeeping
• Paperless labor cost reporting


• Paperless time and activity tracking
• Total time and labor cost transparency
• External recruiting costs eliminated
• Data available for strategic oversight and decision-making
• Multiple payrolls processed quickly and accurately

Modules Used

Time Tracking & Scheduling

“Unlike a lot of construction companies, we’re very interested in being computerized and integrated, and maximizing ease for everyone,” Blamires explained. “It was taking so much time to gather the timesheets, and the guys would lose them sometimes. It was important for us to be paperless, and to have a timekeeping system that would be easier at the job sites.”

Blamires said, “I wanted more of a paperless, seamless system.”

Current Builders purchased what is now Arcoro’s time and attendance module, and today the company tracks 500 employees with the solution. They process two separate payrolls for two of their companies, and will be adding two more for their remaining subsidiaries.

Current Builders’ salaried employees, including their superintendents and project managers, clock in like the rest of their workers with Arcoro’s GPS-powered app, to confirm that they’re at the job site. “We always have a budget that we set for the management team,” Blamires said. “They have to clock in just like everyone else.”

"Arcoro’s time and attendance reporting is very important to us because it lets our project managers put a stop to overtime hours, or move people around as needed."

Teresa Blamires, Current Builders

Reporting brings strategic insights, timely actions

Aside from accurate time and attendance, Blamires said they see some of the biggest benefits coming from Arcoro’s project reporting.

Their managers on the ground were looking for more detailed monitoring of the hundreds of workers who are clocking in and out every day. “We do project analysis meetings every month for every project. And every week each of our project managers wants a labor report for their job site,” said Blamires. “We found that the reporting out of Arcoro is perfect for that.”

She said her office runs reports so the PMs can see who’s putting in excessive overtime, among other trends. “This is very important to us so we can put a stop to costly overtime, or move people around to different job sites if needed.”

Blamires noted that Current Builders uses cost codes extensively for reporting as well. “We found that some competitors’ cost codes weren’t as customizable,” she said. They build out their cost codes in Arcoro to include location as well as activity. “That way, if we have a PM on our west coast who wants to know how many employees we have doing tunnel on the east coast, we can pull it up immediately.”

Current Builders syncs data seamlessly from Arcoro to their current payroll software. Blamires has been so happy with the oversight and efficiency the time and attendance software provides, she said, “We’ll be adding our two additional companies that we process payroll for to the time and attendance software, as well. So we’re going to have four companies using Arcoro.”

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