Integrations with Viewpoint Vista Streamline Hiring Processes Across Four Divisions for Centurion Industries

With four divisions, 10 locations and over 1,200 employees, the HR team at Centurion Industries, Inc. spent a lot of time collecting paper applications, faxing documents and entering data into spreadsheets. They needed a solution that was EEO, AAP and OFCCP compliant and provided easy reporting. “We needed a system that would be a one-stop-shop, a source for finding candidates and moving new hires through the entire employment cycle,” said Barry Bender, Director of Human Resources at Centurion Industries, Inc. “I put together a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves when evaluating vendors; Arcoro checked all the boxes for us.”

Bender is known for doing his homework and created a list of 22 “must have” features when evaluating workforce management vendors before choosing Arcoro, including integration options, configurable workflows, modular product offerings and strong user training. “We didn’t want to stub our toes with a vendor who wasn’t familiar with construction, and I really liked the fact that Arcoro sprang up from the construction industry,” said Bender. “That gave me confidence that the products would work better for us and our unique challenges.” Ultimately, the HR team at Centurion chose Arcoro because of the integration options between the Arcoro modules and their existing ERP system, along with roots in the construction industry.

Centurion Industries, Inc. looks forward to a unified hiring and onboarding experience throughout their four divisions and 10 locations with the Arcoro ATS and Onboarding modules. They will be able to pull and analyze the reports they need for compliance faster and easier than before within the system. The HR team, managers and other internal users are pleased with the configurable options, ease-of-use, training and integrations with Viewpoint Vista. “We wanted to have a smarter, better, faster process,” said Bender. “We’re looking forward to growing with Arcoro.”


  • 100% paper-based application and onboarding processes
  • Inconsistent interview and hiring processes across four divisions and 10 locations
  • Unable to effectively reach candidates online
  • Inefficient use of HR department’s time and resources when recruiting and onboarding new hires

Key Selection Drivers

  • Successful experience importing new hire data into existing ERP, Viewpoint Vista
  • Easily adoptable, intuitive system with strong user training
  • EEO, AAP and OFCCP reporting functionality
  • Outlook email integration that automatically communicates with candidates
  • Strong customer support with a dedicated account manager

Modules Used

Applicant Tracking System


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