Arcoro Announces Release of Compensation Management Module

Automation and insight into market pay rates help organizations retain high-performing employees

CALABASAS, CA – January 29, 2020 – Arcoro, a proven provider of modular human resources management (HR) solutions for high risk industries, has announced the release of its new Compensation Management module.

In a competitive job market, employee retention is key to organizational success. Using Arcoro’s Compensation Management module, organizations are better equipped to manage and automate merit increases and bonuses to reward and retain their high-performing employees.

Arcoro Compensation Management works in conjunction with Arcoro Core HR or Performance Management and can also integrate with existing HR and payroll systems. When employees meet configurable benchmarks within the Performance Management module, income or bonus increases are automatically calculated and reflected in the employee’s compensation. The Core HR module connects Compensation Management to outside payroll systems for a seamless overall compensation process.

“The faster organizations can deliver meaningful rewards to their top employees, the more likely employees are to stay and recommend their workplace to their networks,” said John O’Hara, CEO of Arcoro. “We strive to provide that seamless experience to help our customers become employers of choice.”

Arcoro offers a full suite of HR management solutions for high compliance industries to simplify workforce processes. With software for recruiting and onboarding, new hires are on-the-job faster and ready to meet goals early on. Performance management and learning software ensures employees have the knowledge they need to reach those goals. Managers and HR teams have the ability to better organize benefits, payroll, time and attendance and now compensation management for a completely modular and seamless HR experience.

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About Arcoro

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