“My dream would be a multicultural society, one that is diverse and where every man, woman and child are treated equally. I dream of a world where all people of all races work together in harmony.”
– Nelson Mandela

Arcoro knows that systemic racism continues to have a harmful impact on our country. We stand with Black Lives Matter and believe that it’s imperative for us all to reinvigorate our efforts to end racism in this country.

Arcoro strongly supports equality among all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We’re committed to doing our part to support a diverse and inclusive culture at our company and in our communities, to foster genuine belonging and help heal the wounds of inequality and racial injustice that divide us.

These are some of the actions we’re taking:

Diversity Committee

Arcoro is committed to supporting diversity in the workplace by continuing the ongoing efforts of our Diversity Committee. A central goal of the committee is to strive for a diverse workforce, from the leadership team to our staff members, as our company grows. We also aim to engender an inclusive culture at our company and in the community at large.

The mission of our diversity committee will be carried out through small and major actions, from making hiring “blind” by removing names from resumés to updating the language in our job postings and ensuring we post openings on at least one minority-focused job board.

In addition to more inclusive hiring practices, the committee will guide our actions in support of inclusion in the business and broader community. We’ll be offering more diversity training through our Employee Assistance Program, hosting days of service, and inviting comments and suggestions from employees on diversity measures.

Ongoing Commitments

Arcoro is committed to turning our words into concrete actions that have an impact beyond the boundaries of our own company. These are our quarterly commitments:

  1. Over the next year, we will make a donation each quarter to a respected organization working to support diversity and equality. Our first donation in Q2 of 2020 was to the NAACP.
  2. Arcoro pledges to sponsor a quarterly employee volunteer day at organizations that boost diversity or support underserved communities. Held in each of the three regions where our offices are located, these service days will be opportunities to foster a greater sense of unity between our business and its surrounding communities, as well as among our employees as a team.

As time goes on, we will be reviewing our commitments and the success of our efforts, and determining if there are further changes we must make.