Good HR software is the ultimate multi-use tool for construction HR. It helps companies recruit, onboard, train, develop and promote their workforce. But some one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always work for small companies. Instead, small construction companies should invest in a modular solution that can provide the HR solutions they need today and grow with them to meet their needs tomorrow. 

What is a Modular Approach to Construction HR? 

Managing construction HR has some specific challenges. Construction companies ramp up hiring efforts for busy times of the year, they must reinforce safety standards, provide training and maintain compliance with local, state and federal standards. A modular approach tackles each of these issues with individual module solutions that work alone or together. 

What makes a modular approach so great is that it allows companies to select the features that might be appropriate for them. Implementing a modular system simply requires construction HR to take a broad view of your requirements and narrow it down to the features you need. 

Construction HR Software Modules 

Hiring Package 

A hiring package consists of two modules, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and onboarding. An ATS can work on its own but is much more effective when paired with an onboarding solution. The modules used for hiring and recruitment should provide a centralized and streamlined process for creating job requisitions, customization of job-specific questions and an out-of-the-box recruiting portal. The ATS can publish job postings to leading national and niche boards and social media sites with just a couple of clicks and automate compliance by helping you follow federal hiring regulations.  

An onboarding module eases new employees into your organization and helps your organization make a good first impression. Many of the new employee onboarding steps can be automated to minimize paperwork and save time, such as user accounts, badge access, training and more. An onboarding module allows new hires to complete their onboarding paperwork on-site or before day one on the job. 

Performance Management 

The goal of performance management in construction is to make sure your employees are performing at their best and to stay on top of any issues that might arise on the job site or in the office. A performance management software module allows construction companies to stay on top of performance by improving communication and helping reskill workers.  

Performance management software supports construction companies by recording their job descriptions, employee training and annual reviews in one convenient location. This software automates the performance review process, tracks personal goals and company KPIs. It also manages the completion of training and certification programs. Performance management also offers robust reporting for compliance, real-time monitoring and 360-degree feedback.  

Learning Management 

Construction companies nationwide are struggling to hire workers. According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) 2022 Construction Hiring & Business Outlook survey, 74% of firms plan to hire more workers this year. But finding enough qualified workers to fill open positions is an issue. Almost three-quarters of the construction companies surveyed (73%) list worker shortages and quality of hires as top concerns. Implementing a strong learning plan can help construction companies train and reskill the employees they already have, reducing their reliance on new workers. Not only do learning and development plans demonstrate your commitment to employees and create engagement, endearment and loyalty to the organization. The more you retain your team members, the greater relief you can provide to the front end of the recruiting process.   

A learning management module enables HR to provide and track training completions and certifications for compliance. A learning management system gives companies the ability to upload customizable learning plans but also provides online content. Construction companies can upload specific training for areas where a skills gap might exist. The module also provides required training, like sexual harassment, which can be assigned and accessed through the employee portal, 24/7. Courses on diversity and inclusion, OSHA regulations, safety, leadership, ethics and more help maintain training compliance.  

Why a Modular Approach is Better 

Investing in a modular HR system gives small construction companies more flexibility than purchasing an expensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Module HR software, like the options offered by Arcoro, provides construction companies with multiple HR options. Aside from hiring, performance and development, Arcoro has additional modules that help companies manage and grow their workforces. These include: 

  • HR 
  • Time and Attendance 
  • Benefits 
  • Compensation
  • Succession Planning 

With a built-in integration to over 300 partners, Arcoro’s system can be scaled to meet your company’s changing requirements. The platform can be purchased and adopted as a full suite, or by individual module based on your needs. It can be integrated with ERP systems, insurance carriers, payroll processors, business intelligence applications and much more.  

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