Knowing new hire needs can be difficult when all you have to go off of is interviews and applications. New hires want to make a good first impression, but the first few days of employment are a two-way street. You should impress them just as much as they should impress you.

With an automated onboarding process you can ensure compliance and excite new hires for their future role within your organization. Automated onboarding starts with a paperless process that reduces data input error and gets employees into their roles faster. An automated onboarding process saves time and shows your employees what a modern organization they are working for.

After swiftly getting them through their HR paperwork including W-4s, I-9s, and E-Verify new hires want to see what a typical day looks like on the job. Show off your company’s values, social norms, goals and beliefs by immersing new hires in the company culture. After surveying over 20,000 workers and many companies, Harvard Business Review came to this conclusion: Why we work determines how well we work. They also found a link between enjoyable company culture and high annual profits. By showing new hires your company culture, you’re inviting them to become a part of the culture. In turn, they will be able to produce their best work.

BirdDogHR understands that new hires want to be impressed by you just as much as they want to impress you. By automating your onboarding process you will accelerate employee proficiency and start new hires on the path to success. For more information about great onboarding strategy check out BirdDogHR Employee Onboarding Software or the 6 Onboarding Best Practices to Maximize Employee Engagement whitepaper.