Many recruiters, hiring managers and HR teams utilize recruiting software and applicant tracking systems to accomplish their hiring goals. One major benefit of recruiting software is that it saves hiring managers time by examining resumes and applicant information digitally and automatically, rather than the traditional manual process. There are many types of recruiting software to fit businesses unique needs by industry, company size, budget, federal requirements and more.

What is Resume Parsing?

One way in which recruiting software obtains necessary candidate information is through resume parsing. Resume parsing (sometimes called resume extraction, CV parsing or CV extraction) is the process of importing resumes into your recruiting software and extracting specific pieces of information into a singular format, all in a matter of seconds. By doing this, resume parsing software can identify keywords and organize candidates by predetermined skillsets, education levels and more.


Why Hiring Managers Love It

HR teams and recruiters can spend up to 23.5 hours looking over resumes and applications for a particular job opening, a significant time investment for just one position. For organizations looking to bring on multiple new hires, that time investment skyrockets with traditional manual processes. Resume parsing and subsequent ranking of candidates saves a significant amount of time for hiring managers.

For high-consequence industries, such as manufacturing or construction, resume parsing can identify certifications and licenses to ensure the candidates meet company, state and OFCCP requirements.

An applicant tracking system will take the parsed resumes and organize candidates by predetermined variables. When hiring managers want to access applicant information, the resume parsing functionality will rank candidates by those predetermined variables. Hiring managers can get a quick look at the most qualified applicants, all while tracking and storing the data confidentially.

Why Candidates Love It

With resume parsing, gone are the days of uploading a resume and filling out a subsequent application with the exact same information. According to a CareerBuilder study, 60 percent of job seekers quit in the middle of an application that’s too lengthy or complex. With resume parsing, candidates can easily upload their resumes into the application and the work is done for them. The easy and fast application process means you won’t lose out on candidates due to an outdated, tedious apply process.

How BirdDogHR Can Help

The BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS) implemented resume parsing in 2014. The BirdDogHR product development team updates this functionality frequently to provide the best service in the business to our customers and job seekers. Because of this, the BirdDogHR application takes less than two minutes to complete on average. See what our customers say about the BirdDogHR ATS, and check out our case studies.