Working from home has become very common in today’s workplace. It’s seen as a useful recruiting tool to land great employees and can enhance productivity as employees are empowered by confidence from their employers. However, allowing an employee to work virtually without direct supervision can be intimidating. You need a strong HRMS to support the HR processes necessary to manage this. Here are some key areas where your HRMS can help to streamline the process.

HRMS Time and Attendance Management

Do you have time and attendance management as a module in your HRMS system? Most HRMS systems – like Arcoro – have employee self-service. This enables employees to be able to clock in and out on their own device. This feature confirms that an employee is online to work and you’ll be able to run reports and proactively address any overage in hours sooner rather than later.

Leave Management HRMS Features

Utilize the leave management features of your HRMS to manage employee PTO, business travel or employees who are in a training class. This will help in clearing up any miscommunication or misunderstanding on where employees are and what they are doing

Successful Performance Reviews

It may be beneficial to configure your HRMS to allow for additional smaller reviews for your remote employees. There is less interaction with these employees opposed to employees who regularly work in the office. An employee can benefit from more frequent feedback to ensure that the remote work environment is successful.