As the traditional annual performance review is becoming more obsolete, Millennials are looking for a more fluid way to engage with their managers. Not all employee performance tracking has to be conducted on an annual schedule, creating distance between a company’s workforce and managers. Considering a regular and more personal way to review an employee’s productivity and quality of work might be what your organization needs to succeed. When it comes to tracking performance, here’s what you should do when reviewing your Millennial workforce. 

Be Up-Front About Employee Performance Management 

As early as the interview, discuss your expected performance expectations. Clarification and transparency are the keys to gaining and building the trust of an employee. Explaining how the performance tracking or reviews fit into your organization’s goals, values and vision will vastly improve the willingness and open-mindedness of an employee toward the review. After all, Millennials are 25 percent more likely to stick with a company if they understand its vision. 


Face-to-Face Interaction 

Discuss any issues, concerns or constructive criticism face to face. This not only prevents any misunderstandings, but it also helps build a relationship between the employer and the candidate. They’ll be able to feel heard and valued if they know you are taking the time to meet with them in person. 

Frequent Dialogue 

By waiting too long to give feedback or check in, the employee is not going to feel valued and there’s a good chance they’ve already left. Try to make reviews bi-monthly or quarterly if this is a major concern for your organization. You don’t have to drop the annual employee performance review, but try sprinkling additional documented feedback throughout the year, so as to not lose touch with your talent.

Access and Details 

Give employee access to the review results and share details on what they can improve on. This generation is fueled by challenges and success. By sharing the details and results from a review, your workforce will stay driven and focused on reaching goals.

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