The new year is fast approaching and surprise, the construction outlook will include some challenges. The US is forecasted to grow by 3.8%, just shy of global predictions, and that growth is going to be hampered by supply chain issues and labor issues 

If you’re working in construction, you’re already well aware of these challenges because they’ve likely been affecting your business since before the pandemic began. One way to get an edge is to adjust your hiring strategy to find skilled workers and win the competition for top talent. 

Slow Economic Recovery Means New Hires Must Be Skilled

The construction outlook and growth potential for 2022 depends on companies having the materials and crews to get hard-win jobs done. According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), only 14 states and the District of Columbia have added construction jobs since just before the start of the pandemic in February 2020. The association is contributing the lack of job growth to widespread supply chain disruptions and the lack of a much-needed federal infrastructure bill. 

With high competition for jobs and materials, skilled staff can make all the difference. While training is an option, you can take on specialized projects right away if you can hire workers with needed skills. But getting skilled workers to join your team might be tougher than you think.   

According to the 2021 Construction Business Report by Foundation Soft, 24% of construction companies are looking to add skilled labor in 2022. Your hiring process needs to target workers with specific skills and get them hired and on the job, quickly. 

Lack of Available Workers Means Companies Hiring Efforts Must be Competitive

The labor pool available for construction work is shrinking; it is harder to hire construction crews than ever before. Baby Boomers, who represent 41% of the current construction workforce, will retire within the next 10 years leaving a significant gap in the talent pool. According to AGC, construction businesses will need to hire 430,000 workers still this year and a million more over the next two years in order to keep up with demand. The problem is there simply aren’t enough workers to meet that demand.  

Construction companies will need to streamline their hiring processes to make sure candidates don’t get frustrated and head off to the competition. Making candidates jump through too many hoops or failing to keep communication open can make for a poor applicant experience.   

Invest in a Solution That Overcomes These Challenges 

Technology is integral to making hiring and onboarding processes work better. Manually performing these tasks leads to greater inefficiency. According to the 2021 Construction Business Report, 32% of construction companies say manual processes are where their businesses experience the most inefficiencies.   

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and onboarding software are tools construction companies can use to reach the right candidates and get them on the job quickly, helping to face the construction outlook of continuing labor shortages head-on. An ATS can target a specific group of candidates, like workers with masonry or plumbing skills, across multiple job boards and track referrals – automatically. 

An ATS can also filter candidate applications so you get applicants from more than just warm bodies. You get applications from individuals with the potential to be your ideal employees. An ATS lets you set parameters for the application process so only candidates who meet the minimum requirements can submit an application for a specific position.  

Plus, an automated process still lets managers track and report on all applicants, including those who weren’t hired for the position, essential for construction companies that must document compliance with hiring requirements for federal contractors or EEO employers.  

Couple a strong recruiting approach with a well-rounded onboarding process and you’ll give new hires a great first impression of your company. A well-rounded onboarding process starts the first day, involves the entire team, includes multiple communication points, training options and is accessible online, 24/7. 

Why Arcoro is that Perfect Hiring Solution

With the construction outlook being so grim, efficiently hire and onboard top talent with Arcoro’s Hire solution so you — and your candidates — never feel lost in the shuffle. Our comprehensive solution includes software, key templates and forms, implementation services and complementary partner services to maximize your investment. We help you hire the best people and get them on the job site faster. 

  • Get up and running quickly with integrated ATS and Onboarding software modules 
  • Automate recruiting and build a talent bench 
  • Seamlessly move candidates from hire to onboarding 
  • Increase speed to productivity for new hires 
  • Easy navigation with single sign-in
  • Automatic data flow eliminating re-entering of candidate information 
  • Custom company branding with key forms and templates 
  • Reduce risk and maintain compliance 
  • Save money while staying compliant with additional partner services 

Arcoro’s hire package offers all these benefits while also providing rapid implementation and best-in-class support. 

  • Project Planning 
  • Site Set-Up 
  • Best Practices Configuration 
  • Custom New Hire Landing Page 
  • Live Administrator Training 
  • Video-Based Training Aids 
  • User Acceptance Testing 
  • Go-Live Assistance 
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support 

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