A lot of weight is given to the type of culture a company has and for good reason. Company culture is everything that makes up a working environment including mission, goals, values and policies. And while it is essential to provide a strong company culture for employees, it is just as important to make sure that culture is well-received. Workplace climate is the measure of how employees feel about your company culture and their wellbeing, according to SHRM. As a manager, you’re in the best position to make sure the workplace climate is positive by communicating with employees, reinforcing company values and recognizing them with compensation.

Communicate a Great Candidate Experience

Offering candidates a great experience from the get-go sets a precedent for a positive workplace climate. Communication is the key to solidifying a good hiring experience. Using tools and techniques, like a mobile-friendly ATS, helps to provide clear and constant communication.

  • Let candidates know where they stand during the application process. An ATS can automatically propagate emails acknowledging you’ve received their application and even rejections. 
  • Consider investing in AI to help schedule and reschedule interviews. An AI assistant has instant access to staff calendars to automatically set times that work for everyone, with the need for embarrassing rescheduling.
  • Layout company expectations through a comprehensive, online onboarding process. Ask employees to read and sign off on company manuals and policies, as well as uploading important documents before they start their first day.


Reinforce Company Culture and Values 

Managers can lead by example when it comes to company culture. You can encourage employees to take advantage of the programs and policies your company offers which helps create an environment that leaves employees feeling appreciated and engaged.

Recognize by Offering Competitive Compensation 

Along with culture, compensation is what keeps employees loyal to your company, instead of looking elsewhere. It is estimated that this year alone, 47 million people will quit their jobs. An automated compensation plan makes sure you never miss rewarding your employees for their hard work.

  • Set parameters for compensation. When your high performers reach their goals for a bonus or pay increase, compensation software automates the payouts.
  • Compensation plans promote equality. Clear and transparent objectives about how and when an employee can expect an increase shows everyone has equal opportunity to grow with the company, helping to eliminate any conflict or employee strife.