In construction, every minute counts. For many teams, valuable time is wasted sharing project information via hard copies, frustrating email threads and unanswered phone calls. Cloud-based platforms like Arcoro and LaborChart have taken on this industry-wide issue, providing real-time data and integrations. Contractors can focus on building with the assurance of project details ready at their fingertips. Leveraging up-to-date information ultimately improves workforce and HR management decisions. 

Arcoro + LaborChart Customer Testimony: CM Richey 

Contractors across the country take advantage of Arcoro and LaborChart’s software, allowing their teams to have a holistic view of their projects and people. CM Richey, an electrical contractor based in New York, has been an Arcoro customer since 2016, using ExakTime™ to help verify their workers were onsite and on time without manual work. Scheduling was still an issue, with frustrating weekly meetings and whiteboards trying to stay up to date. In 2020, they discovered LaborChart, which quickly became CM Richey’s workforce management solution. Arcoro and LaborChart’s integration was the cherry on top. Together, these two platforms work for CM Richey’s teams every day to keep everyone up to speed and on schedule. 

Track Every Dollar on Every Project

CM Richey’s teams have found a multitude of uses within the ExakTime™ and LaborChart systems, even beyond their basic purposes. CM Richey uses LaborChart to track the daily wage rate and daily burn for each job, so they have real-time information about where each dollar is going. Project managers are able to stay updated on labor and job costs, at any place and any time. Paired with ExakTime™, teams have much-improved visibility into each project’s timeline and workforce to ensure jobs stay on schedule. 

Reduce Manual Labor and Mitigate Risk with Integration 

Like many Arcoro and LaborChart customers, CM Richey saw the results almost immediately. There was no longer a need for continuous manual data entry as the systems talked to each other. With seamless integration, contractors can rest assured that their data is not only secure but also easier to handle at their fingertips.  

Arcoro + LaborChart Integration Gives Teams Key Advantage 

While each system has its own benefits, the Arcoro and LaborChart integration provides the best of both time tracking as well as workforce management. Contractors using this integration have the advantage of fully digitized data that is available to those with appropriate permissions at a moment’s notice. For organizations like CM Richey, it’s easy to see how they got — and stayed — ahead with LaborChart and ExakTime™. 

To learn more about Arcoro + LaborChart, watch the full webinar and see how you can manage your workforce and HR more effectively.