We live in a digital world where security threats are incessantly developing. Frauds troll the web, poorly attempting to impersonate you and unceasingly inventing new ways to extract information that isn’t theirs through various types of attacks, such as:

  • Phishing
  • Trojans
  • Botnets
  • Ransomeware
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Malvertising and more

Is your data truly safe?

Data security requires consistent auditing and vigilance. You would never even think of leaving your car or your house unlocked, and your data is no different. Leaving your information vulnerable to online attacks is an option you cannot afford. You need to know your data is secure, the same way you lock your car or your home when you leave for the day. At Arcoro, we understand.

The good news is, very simple solutions are available which can offer the right tools to help you stay secure. Here at Arcoro, we have you covered with premium technology solutions. Arcoro operating systems are at the forefront of security technology, yet very simple for you to use. Modern security functionality is embedded deep within the platform and modules you use daily, safeguarding your data. We make it complicated for data thieves to access your information, making things effortless and stress-free for you.

With Arcoro, our platforms/modules are protected with security top-of-mind. For instance, our current use of Google’s Authenticator application that uses 2-Factor Authentication to bolster the security of the entire platform. This is an available setting that administrators can choose to turn on if they desire added security. Solace can be found knowing that this extra option is there to defend your private data, should you choose to use it. Keep your valuable information safe, the same way you would lock your car or your home.

When logging in to the platform, with 2-Factor Authentication turned on, the user will be required to use the Google Authenticator application from a mobile device, which then provides a timed code to the user, who then proceeds to verify said code. This process makes it extremely arduous for anyone to attempt to impersonate you because the code goes directly to your mobile device. Most of us own smartphones, tablets and computers which often store our passcodes and other sensitive information. With two factor authentication, it doesn’t matter if someone has your credentials, they still won’t be able to log in as “you”.

Arcoro offers this extra security benefit at no extra cost. When it comes to protecting your files, here at Arcoro, we have you covered.

Impressing the use of two-factor authentication and having stricter access permission will minimize potential data threats. Human Resource administrators can also advocate for security awareness by creating employee training programs to ensure employees are informed and prepared against attacks. Educating employees on inherent risks and correct practice of the safest IT conduct for your company will prevent the likelihood of future breaches in security.

An uninformed employee is a liability waiting to happen. Asking your employees to complete these trainings is also a superb tactic to boost employee engagement. Upon competition, you can offer a fun prize such as a Starbucks gift card. New hires especially are much more likely to remember their onboarding process in a positive light if they can attest to receiving gift cards and prizes as a reward for their hard work.



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