For many of us, 2021 couldn’t get into the review mirror fast enough. The impact of COVID-19 was significantly felt in 2021 in terms of revenue, materials cost and supply chain issues. According to a new report by Arcoro partner Foundation Software, construction companies certainly felt the pinch in all these areas in 2021. 

The report, the 2021 Construction Business Report, surveyed 810 construction professionals from June 1, 2021, to August 2, 2021. It found: 

  • 31% of businesses surveyed saw a decrease in revenue compared to their pre-pandemic level. 
  • 94% indicated some type of materials cost, the majority noting costs increased 1 to 25%. 
  • 42% reported they saw moderate job delays due to supply chain costs and delays. 

Even though many construction businesses were plagued by hardships in 2021, they remain positive. Despite supply chain delays and rising material costs, the construction industry is thriving. The majority of those surveyed, 72%, have either a positive or very positive outlook for 2022. Adopting new HR technology in 2022 might just be the answer to 2021’s issues. 


HR Software Improves Business Processes 

With the deck possibly being stacked against the construction industry well into 2022, companies are focused on improving their businesses processes to work smarter, not harder. HR technology is certainly the solution. HR software, like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), onboarding and performance management automates time-consuming manual processes that are slowing down your managers and HR team. 

An ATS Automates Recruiting 

Combating the labor shortage is a top priority for construction companies in 2022. With Foundation Software’s report finding that 15% of respondents are looking to increase the number of jobs available, it’s not surprising that 24% are looking to add skilled labor. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help facilitate the search. 

An ATS helps automate the recruiting and hiring process. The HR software automates applicant tracking, resume ranking, pre-screening, background checks and drug screening, and saves recruiters a ton of time. But beyond offering the ability to source and hire quality candidates, an ATS stores all of your employee information. To begin with, candidates upload their resumes and the ATS uses the information to autofill applications. If a particular candidate isn’t a fit for a current position, the ATS keeps the information so you can access it for future use, giving you a pool of available talent. 

Onboarding Software Streamlines Onboarding 

HR technology should make your life easier, not harder. Fifty percent of Foundation Software’s respondents said that whatever software they choose, they want it easy to use. If HR software is difficult and/or clunky, neither your workers or HR department will want to use it. Onboarding software is one particular piece of HR tech that you need to be easy; it gathers essential information from your new employee, sets them up for success and gives a first impression of your company. 

A paperless onboarding system can simplify your entire onboarding process by making all the steps digital. Your employees can access the system from a digital device and provide the information you need without filling out and storing a stack of paper forms. The process can be even faster and easier if your applicant tracking system is integrated with your onboarding system. Arcoro creates a seamless experience between these two modules allowing applicant data to flow into the onboarding module, quickening the onboarding process for your team and your new employee. This provides new workers with a great onboarding experience and speeds time to productivity.  

Performance Management Improves Communication 

Productivity will always be diminished if team members don’t communicate. Eleven percent of Foundation Software’s respondents say they want to improve communication between teams in 2022. 

Another 11% want improvement between teams. Having an effective performance management system is one way to do that. 

One of the pillars of employee performance management is frequent feedback, which is always more effective than feedback provided once a year with the traditional annual review. But providing feedback multiple times a week can be a challenge for those in the construction industry. For example, on a busy job site, it might not be feasible to do the weekly one-on-ones that are common in the corporate world; plan for monthly conversations instead. 

One advantage to regular check-ins in the construction industry is the ability to keep tabs on people’s state of mind. In fact, mental health issues are more prevalent in construction than in the general population, and the industry has the second-highest rate of suicide among its workers. By checking in regularly, supervisors and crew leaders may notice changes in performance that reveal underlying mental health challenges. And this will enable them to take appropriate preventive action. Employee performance management software helps by scheduling meetings and setting automatic notifications and reminders to meet with employees. 

HR technology can improve your processes but you need to choose a partner who will work with you. Arcoro’s top priority is to make sure you receive a personalized, excellent customer experience when implementing our software. Our award-winning Customer Success Team guides you through setup, configuration and testing of our time tracking software so you can start saving time and money. With targeted training and a thorough review of your time records through the first pay period with Arcoro, you’ll be an expert in our solution in no time. We offer: 

  • “Train the trainer” approach tailored to the unique requirements of your business 
  • Co-authoring of your company’s workforce management goals 
  • Award-winning, responsive service every step of the way 
  • A dedicated implementation manager assigned to you and focused on your specific needs 
  • Custom development service available for clients with targeted functionality needs 
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