As of today, there are currently 10 cities and states (with the potential for more to come) that have enacted a “wage ban.” These laws prohibit the practice of employers asking prospective employees during the job interview process what salary they have/had made at their current/previous place of employment.

The list of cities enacting a wage ban

The list of cities and states currently enacting/ in the process of enacting these wage ban laws include:

  • California (1/2018)
  • Delaware (12/2017)
  • Massachusetts (7/2018)
  • New Orleans (Active) – Only affects city departments & employees
  • New York (Active)
  • Oregon (1/2019)
  • Philadelphia (Temporarily halted)
  • Pittsburgh (Active) – Only affects city departments & employees
  • Puerto Rico (3/2018)
  • Washington (TBD)

These laws were passed in hope to eventually break the wage gap. Violating these laws could invoke a fine as high as $250k per infraction. Each city and state may have varying fines set for their laws passed.

Since 2015, women working full-time in the United States have typically been paid 80 cents for every dollar a man has earned for equal work, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)

How can Arcoro help you avoid any problems if you’re located in any of these wage question ban areas?

Simple. What was once a hard-coded question under the work history tab is now easily configurable. To configure these settings, follow these steps:

1. Open your Settings

2. Select Applicant Tracking


3. Select Configure Recruiting Portal

4. Select Configure Applicant Profile


5.Under the Work History column, select Configure

Wage-Ban- Configure- Work-History

You’ll notice now there is a checkbox that states, “Require the applicant to complete Wage/Salary Starting and Wage/Salary Ending.


Seeing as this law has only been enacted in a handful of cities and states currently, Arcoro has the box checked by default. What this means is that the applicant will see this and will be required to keep it checked or uncheck it if they live in an area that has these anti-wage disclosure laws.

You have the option to go in and uncheck this option and save it. It will then be removed from the application entirely.

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