Hiring and onboarding are two steps of the same process: selling your organization. 

With hiring, there’s the give and take of you and the candidate evaluating one another, but in the intensely competitive market for top talent, once you’ve narrowed your choice down, it’s up to you to sell your organization as the employer of choice. You do that by touting your top-tier benefits, amazing company culture and commitment to moving employees forward with development opportunities (right?)

Once they’re sold, it’s time to deploy the employee onboarding plan. 


Wondering why you should have a formal onboarding plan? Companies with a structured onboarding program have a 50 percent higher retention rate, so if you’re going to take the time to hire perfect candidates, you should also take the time to onboard them in a way that makes them want to stay. 

Together, hiring and onboarding can be a perfect one-two punch for bringing on new hires. 

Hiring: The Jab

Ninety percent of the punches Muhammed Ali threw were jabs; it’s the most important punch in boxing, and while it doesn’t end things, it’s crucial for setup – exactly like hiring. Hiring is a necessary step in the process of building a great team, and it lays the foundation of your new hire’s employee journey. It defines expectations and sets the stage for what’s to come. 

A few ways to make hiring as effective as possible: 

  • Make sure recruitment efforts are mobile-optimized to cast the largest net
  • Stay compliant with an automated system that seamlessly updates things like VEVRAA and AAP 
  • Build trust with automated communication 
  • Allow for candidates to meet with team members 

Once your candidate is committed to joining your team, it’s time to nurture that relationship through a structured onboarding program. 

Onboarding: The Right Cross 

The cross punch is the power-punch in the one-two duo: it’s the closer, the finisher…Just like onboarding. Without it, the one-two combo is merely a setup without a finish. 

Onboarding is the same way. It acts as the final punctuation in a long process for both parties. Employers have made an investment of time and money to bring on a new employee, and the new hire is taking a chance at a new opportunity. Both want it to work out, but both need to solidify the relationship in a meaningful way. 


Implementing an effective onboarding program ensures employees feel comfortable in their work environment and understand the culture, safety procedures and policies of the organization. A high-value onboarding program: 

  • Starts before the new hire’s first day (because it’s paperless) 
  • Formally lasts 12 months and seamlessly transitions into employee engagement strategy 
  • Is personalized 
  • Includes “emotional onboarding
  • Makes performance goals and company expectations clear 
  • Is measured through formal feedback processes 

Like the old one-two, hiring and onboarding belong together. They build on each other and need one another for maximum effect. You’ve worked hard to find and hire your team, so make sure onboarding is in place to reassure them they made the right choice. 

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