The Data Shows Tech is Key to HR Success

View our infographic to see how you can use an HRIS to hire, manage and develop employees. When you build a bridge between the needs of your organization and your workforce, you ensure your own success.

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  • 60% of candidates are likely to abandon the recruitment process halfway through if it turns out to be too long or complex.1
  • 69% of employees are likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.2
  • 78% of employers utilizing an ATS said that recruitment technology makes finding great talent easier than ever.3
  • 64% of employers are now more digital than paper-based in managing their benefits.4
  • 78% of companies see worker productivity as an objective of good benefits management5
  • 30-50% of most businesses’ gross revenue is spent on labor costs.6
  • 33% of those changing jobs cite boredom and the need for new challenges as the top reason.7
  • 59% of Gen Z workers say they’d learn new skills to earn more money.8
  • 54% of employers provide training and development to overcome talent shortages.9


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