If your organization needs to upgrade the HR department with a state of the art HRMS system, you’ll likely be surprised by the variety of features that today’s systems can offer. The basic functions that most companies can expect from an HRMS still exist, along with many additional features that can alter not only your HR department but your entire business. To find the best and most flexible HRMS system, you should ensure that the system has these key features. 

What does an HRMS system do?

Not all of these features may be needed immediately, but there may come a time when you need to implement them.


Payroll tends to be the most common feature of an HRMS system. When looking for an HRMS, be sure that the payroll feature it includes is fully functional and includes the ability to review payroll information quickly, as well as any other additional features your specific HRMS implementation needs may call for.

Benefits Administration

Do your HR employees spend the majority of their time managing employee benefits? An effective HRMS can eliminate the time spent on this activity. Ensure that the HRMS system has employee self-service, which allows employees to manage their own benefits such as adding a spouse to their insurance or checking the total of their FSA when they want – without having to contact HR at all.

Training Systems

With the extra time, an HRMS will give your HR department, they’ll likely be able to dedicate more time and energy into developing training strategies to improve your workforce. An HRMS with a training system will allow your HR department to manage aspects of employee training, such as skills tracking. Skills Tracking can benefit a Manager by giving them an effective method to quickly search all employees for a specific skill set. Skills Tracking also give employees an easy way to keep their skills up-to-date.


An effective HRMS system will allow your HR department more time to focus on their recruitment efforts. New hires are valuable, but the recruitment process can be complex. A good HRMS will provide many different features that are aimed to help your HR department easily manage each step of the recruitment phase. It’s a critical component to any HRIS and one that can improve your overall ROI on employees.

HR Metrics

HRMS systems give you the chance to review a wealth of data about your company and your employees. This feature gives you the ability to see what your company does well, what can be improved and lets you develop new approaches for improving your company. Here is a link to reviews of HR Platform companies like Arcoro, so that you can learn more and review our software and our competition.

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