Right now, multiple industries, including construction, are in a race to win candidates. There are currently 5.5 million more job openings than workers to fill them. So when you land a top quality candidate, the next leg of the race is to figure out how to keep them. That’s where onboarding comes in and why it’s so important for employee retention. 

What is Onboarding? 

Onboarding is an integral part of the hiring process that not only gives new employees basic introductions to the job but a full integration into the company. Onboarding is more than a day’s worth of orientation or filling out paperwork, like W4s, and handing out equipment, like hard hats. Onboarding helps set the tone for an employee’s experience with your organization, and it can help create a solid foundation for engagement and retention, which can take anywhere from three to 12 months. And it’s important to invest in adequate time to onboard as 9% of employees have left a job due to poor onboarding, according to CareerBuilder.  

How Arcoro’s Onboarding Works 

Arcoro’s Onboarding system is a compliant, cloud-based solution for companies to organize and automate the process and “paperwork” required to add a new employee to your company. Arcoro’s Onboarding module makes it easy for both the company and the employee to efficiently and effectively process new hire paperwork and improve time to productivity.  

Accelerate Employee Proficiency 

Your new hire can immediately start on whatever you hired them for because all the paperwork has been completed before day one. Arcoro’s cloud-based system gives employers the ability to collect several documents from employees for legal and regulatory compliance.  

This paperwork includes: 

  • W-4 for employees or W-9 for contractors  
  • I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification form  
  • State Tax Withholding form  
  • Direct Deposit form  
  • E-Verify system that verifies employee’s work eligibility in the United States 

When new employees complete this step from home, their first day becomes less about paperwork and more about productivity.  

Save Time and Money 

Automate manual or paper-based processes to save administrative time and get the employee on the job faster. There has never been a new employee who said, “I love sitting in the trailer by myself on day one.” Automating those processes, like filling out paperwork, allows employees to spend their first days training. The sooner you start training your crew, the faster they’ll be up-to-speed on the job and the better you’ll be able to complete projects on budget. 

Reduce Organizational Risk 

Ensure employee data is handled in a consistent and compliant manner. Store all documents on a secure server for easy access and virtual audit reference vs. keeping a paper trail. Arcoro’s Onboarding system can track and store required training documents, like sexual harassment training. Plus the system’s Dynamic Forms Library houses updated W-4, I-9, State Tax Forms and Affirmative Action Questionnaires. 

Onboard Groups with Kiosk Mode 

Arcoro’s Kiosk Mode uses a central workstation or mobile device to onboard groups of new hires or same-day hires without the need to log into the system. Kiosk Mode is ideal for group hiring, same-day hires or union workers no matter if you just hired two or 20. Onboarding paperwork can be completed quickly with an iPad kiosk or onsite computer kiosk so new hires can get on-the-job faster. Another benefit to kiosk mode is that there is no login required. Your employees don’t even need an email address to get started. 

Onboard with Ease 

When used alongside the Arcoro Applicant Tracking System (ATS), new hire onboarding forms can be populated with information from your new hire’s application for a smooth onboarding process without the need to re-enter data. 

Don’t lose your best employees due to a bad onboarding process. Invest in Arcoro’s Onboarding system to help make sure that your new hires get off to the best possible start and remain with your company for the long term. 

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