There’s an adage to work smarter, not harder. Part of working smarter is automating processes that drag down the productivity of your employees. According to Zapier’s 2021 State of Business Automation, 94% of workers say they perform repetitive, time consuming tasks in their role but automating those processes can not only improve productivity but positively impact other outcomes.  

  • 9 out of 10 knowledge workers say automation has improved people’s lives in the workplace 
  • 88% of SMBs say automation allows their company to compete with larger companies 
  • 65% of knowledge workers are less stressed at work because they automate manual tasks 

One of the biggest areas companies can automate is human resources (HR).  


The Biggest Time Wasters of HR 

No one sets out to waste time but inevitably when processes aren’t updated, that’s exactly what happens. Big time wasters include: 

  • Redundant data entry. Whether it is onboarding, benefits or employee referral programs, doing the same thing for multiple processes wastes time and increases costs. Without workflows in place, HR administrators must redundantly enter and re-enter the same information day after day. 
  • Data that’s all over the place. Tasks that are spread across multiple systems can be a challenge to keep straight. With different payroll, benefits and project management tools to manage, disconnected data is a big problem. Software systems that don’t talk to each other make it difficult to transfer information accurately.  
  • Manually updating employee information. Employees personally grow and evolve while working for your company. In a matter of a year, an employee could get married, have a baby or move. All that information needs to be updated in terms of benefits, taxes, contact information and more.  

The solution to HR time wasters is a good core HR system. 

How Arcoro’s Core HR Works 

Arcoro® Core HR is a people management system that greatly enhances organizational effectiveness through process efficiency and employee self-serve technology. It promotes transparency and improves employee engagement resulting in higher productivity, lower employee turnover and improved business results. Core HR also facilitates the safe and efficient storage of employee data. Risk mitigation and compliance do not have to be a huge burden on the organization. Arcoro Core HR is modular and can help you take care of ACA reporting and filing, easing your benefits administration and much more. 

Employee Record Management 

Maintaining employee records is an essential part of HR. Many forms need to be tracked and stored for payroll, tax and compliance reasons. Core HR manages: 

  • Demographic, payroll and asset tracking 
  • OSHA Form 300 for incident and injury tracking 
  • Flexible document storage (ex. W-2) and designated employee access 
  • Employee Audit Logs 


HR departments are the gatekeepers to knowing what employees feel about the company. Arcoro’s Core HR gives HR the ability to collect feedback and learn valuable insights about the company and its processes. With Core HR you can: 

  • Collect real-time feedback 
  • Leverage customizable online surveys 
  • Send anonymous or scored assessments 

Data & Compliance Reporting 

Reporting is part of HR compliance, whether it is being able to pull data for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Employee Identification Number (EIN) or more. Arcoro’s Core HR puts the power of data and compliance reporting at your fingertips. Core HR allows user to: 

  • Access prebuilt and customizable reports 
  • Use import/Export features 
  • Schedule or send reports to systems and/or individuals 
  • Use additional Compliance Items: California Pay, EEO-1, EEO-1 Component 2 and Vets 4212 
  • Complete system and individual employee audit logs or audit reporting  at the employee level or at the system level 

Time-Off Tracking 

PTO is an essential employee benefit. It gives employees much-needed time to recharge and come back to work ready to take on the next task. Arcoro’s Core HR simplifies tracking employees’ time off with features like: 

  • Dashboard to view overall company statistics on PTO, sick time, etc. 
  • One click manager approval 
  • Calendar view, both from an employee and manager perspective of their team, also includes holiday and blackout date view 

Workflow Management 

The biggest benefit for any piece of HR software is automation. Arcoro’s Core HR allows users to create workflows that make processes automatic, so you never have to worry about missing important tasks. Core HR improves workflow management by: 

  • Setting automatic or manual trigger alerts based off action (i.e. employee added or terminated) 
  • Creating your own company specific workflows such as offboarding, compensation increase, employee engagement survey, etc. 
  • Storing and attaching documents with the ability to capture a signature at each step 

Arcoro’s Core HR allows companies to work smarter, not harder. See how it can improve your company’s HR processes.