When it comes to construction or field services, one of the most important things to help you land more deals is accurately bidding on projects. By better estimating how long a project will take, how much equipment you’ll need and how exactly to staff the project, you’ll see huge returns for your business.

You’ll also find it easier to control overtime and check all your compliance boxes. And given that just 31 percent of construction projects come within 10 percent of their original budget, it’s clear that miscalculations are very common throughout the industry. This means having accurate projections will give your company a massive advantage over competitors.

But we all know it’s not that simple. Every project is unique—and because of the amount of change orders, missteps, and other wild card factors affecting every job, accurate bidding is difficult.

That said, much of the difficulty is the result of outdated, inefficient processes like paper time cards and manual data entry. With Arcoro’s time & attendance module, you can automate everything from time and activity tracking to payroll processing. By using our industry-leading solution, better bidding (not to mention airtight compliance and increased efficiency) is just a cloud-based system away.

How does time and attendance help with project bidding?

Because of the labor data you’ll have access to with Arcoro, bidding on projects like an expert is easy. With our time & attendance software, you’ll have real-time cost coding data including who worked on what task, exactly how long it took them to complete the task, what equipment was used, and what portion of the project timeline that task took.

Every project is unique, and because of the amount of change orders, missteps, and other wild card factors affecting every project, accurate bidding is difficult.

How? With our mobile app, workers can clock in and out of a job site with the tap of a button, and select their cost code with another tap—giving you 100% accurate time tracking data on workers’ hours. Before software, accurately bidding on contracts was rocky, at best.

For instance, if five workers poured a concrete slab before moving on to another, separate task, there wasn’t a reliable way of knowing precisely how long the concrete-pouring took. You’d have to rely on memory and word of mouth instead of data to calculate how much money that task would cost your business.

You’ll be able to track exactly how long it took those five employees to lay down the concrete. After, maybe you find out the job actually takes four to five fewer worker-hours than you always thought it did, allowing you to either reduce crew size or better price a similar job the next time around. This information will also help your reduce or eliminate employee OT, keeping your bottom line strong on upcoming projects.

Labor tracking solutions like Arcoro’s leave nothing to mystery. You’ll know how much each task and project costs your company, down to the dollar. Using this information, you’ll be able to bid on future contracts with accuracy—making you more competitive as a whole.