What exactly does an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) do, and how can it benefit HR professionals. 

An ATS manages the recruiting and hiring process by automating processes such as job postings, organizing applications and compliance through an automated, organized, cloud-based software. Applicant tracking systems save time and streamline the process for all involved, allowing your team to focus on what is really important – finding the right candidate. 

1. Reach Qualified Candidates

One of the main functions of an applicant tracking system is to post and manage jobs. An ATS can distribute job postings to multiple job boards that reach all candidates including veterans, minorities and individuals with disabilities. 

BirdDogHR’s Applicant Tracking System ensures that the posting distributes anywhere from 1 to hundreds of job boards and to social media networks with the click of a mouse. Candidates can apply in as little as three minutes, and managers have a real-time view of how their job postings are performing. 

2. Make the Applicant Process Easier

Candidates don’t want to spend a long time filling out an application. Research from Indeed.com shows that applications with 20 screened questions lose 40 percent of candidates and the abandonment rate only goes up from there. When the process was reduced by half, they not only saw applicant drop-off decline by 55 percent, but they received more high quality applicants. 

The BirdDogHR ATS features a concise process ideal for all audiences because it gathers all the necessary information in as few steps as possible. The application process is quick and simple making it easy for top talent to apply. 


3. Compliance Made Easy

Not all applicant tracking systems offer compliance, if yours does, the benefits are endless. 

Compliance is something that not every ATS offers, but the BirdDogHR ATS ensures that your company remains compliant every step of the way. The BirdDogHR ATS was built with federal contractors in mind, so it constantly updates as new Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations are put into place. This feature gives managers peace of mind without having to double and triple check all the ever-changing regulations.

4. On-Demand Reporting

Having access to a detailed, intensive reporting is another noteworthy benefit of an ATS. Accurate reporting helps to ensure that your company remains compliant and up-to-date on the most recent trends. 

BirdDogHR specializes in customizable reporting that can streamline the process even further and put that data to work for you, assisting your company in making strategic hiring decisions. The reports your company will receive are configurable and can be built to your specifications. This ensures you only have the information you need. 

5. Save Time

The main goal of an applicant tracking system is to save you time while attracting and hiring qualified workers. An ATS will centralize and organize everything you need to make your job easier. Having an ATS allows HR professionals to focus their time on finding the perfect candidate for the job instead of spending time drowning in paperwork. 

Job postings, applications, email templates, offer letters, and integrations with background checks and drug screenings simplifies the process even further. BirdDogHR’s Talent Management Software includes everything mentioned above making us a key partner for your HR management team. 

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