Making the most of capital, time and effort is key in construction. Forecasting and scheduling optimizations often try to make up for lost time but can’t solve everything. One of the most inefficient uses of time is duplicate data entry across multiple applications and platforms. Add human error to the mix, and your organization is plagued with fat-finger errors, frustrated administrators and confused laborers. Digital platforms like LaborChart and Arcoro are helpful in their own right, but when combined, leverage the best of each system. Together, the two cloud-based management platforms can harness HR and workforce information to better inform the field and office and in turn, make the best use of everyone’s time, work and money. 


Less Duplicate Data Entry, More Time Savings 

For Arcoro and LaborChart customers, less duplicate data entry means more time to do what they do best — building the best they can for the communities they serve. Between ExakTime, Arcoro’s time tracking application, and LaborChart, the leading workforce management software, your team will benefit from the time savings the two systems provide. The integration allows your organization to focus on other company improvements, like resource recruitment, with extra time on your hands.

Simple Integration, Straightforward Results 

The integration of LaborChart and Arcoro not only saves time, it’s also incredibly simple. QuickConnect™, the custom integration platform, allows Arcoro’s ExakTime to seamlessly collaborate with LaborChart. QuickConnect™ allows for this integration to occur in as little as five days, with minimal IT effort. Providing easy decision-making and frequent data updates, your organization can control rules, logic and data of each system. With the ease of this integration, your company will see results quicker and find the best ways to leverage both platforms. 

Real Time, Real Life Value for Contractors 

For LaborChart and Arcoro customers, the value of eliminating duplicate data entry has real results. CM Richey, an electrical contractor based out of Ronkonkoma, New York, that has integrated both LaborChart and Arcoro, finds the collaboration creates real life value for their company. Information flows between ExakTime and LaborChart, allowing for workers to get assignment details quicker and more thoroughly. The accuracy of project particulars means for contractors like CM Richey, the focus can stay on people instead of navigating difficult deadlines.

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