Now, over two months from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to check in with an update on where Arcoro is as a company today.

A quick Arcoro update

Arcoro is fortunate to have the ability to work remotely, and our entire staff has been doing so with extremely positive results since mid-March. We’ve kept morale high by prioritizing communication and connection through daily check-ins, regularly-scheduled meetings for larger groups, and fun, end-of-the-week virtual gatherings.

We’ll stay remote until we are ready to implement a safety protocol within our three offices, or until the circumstances change enough that we feel safe bringing everyone back together. Here’s hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, our workers’ exemplary performance has enabled Arcoro to offer the same strong and reliable service you’ve come to rely on from us.

You are our primary focus

As always, our success can only be measured by your success. It’s been heartening to see new customers choose to work with us, and existing customers renew their relationships. This is a testament to the strength and resilience of the industries we work with, from construction and field services to manufacturing, equipment suppliers, maintenance and more.

There may be urgent new demands arising at your company as a result of the coronavirus shutdown, or persistent needs that you are suddenly viewing in a new light. We’ve made certain you continue to have access to helpful information and receive prompt answers to all your questions.

After the safety of our employees and community, fulfilling your needs has been, and remains, Arcoro’s chief concern. Here is some of what we’ve done to meet every challenge during this unprecedented time:

  1. No interruption in service.

Our full staff—from our customer support and customer success teams to accounting, marketing, development and sales—has reported to work in a remote capacity every day since the quarantine began. This ensures you have access to the same strong and reliable service Arcoro has always offered, and that you deserve today as much if not more than ever.

  1. Close communication and prompt troubleshooting.

We know that communication is of the utmost importance when our team is scattered, and all of us—customers and staff—are in uncharted waters. We have stayed in close contact both within our separate departments and among our team as a whole using email, chat services, video conference and phone. This ensures that any product or operational issues are raised and addressed as promptly as they would be if our staff was in the office.

  1. Responding to customer needs.

When a customer requested that we offer health screening questions to help them comply with state directives, our development and project management teams sprung into action. As of early April, our new mobile health screening form has been available at no charge, and as of today it can be added to our app by simply checking a box in our cloud software.

Our representatives have gathered knowledge about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for small to mid-size businesses so that we can be of service with any information our customers may not have. We’re also doing what we can to help the companies who’ve been impacted greatly by Covid-19 to maintain their contracts without worry.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which strong customer relations and open communication have helped us to pivot quickly.

  1. Taking one step at a time.

Some of you are proceeding with extra care, and we understand that. We value each new dialog, and are more than happy to remain in conversation with you while you assess priorities and decide on your next move. We’re also celebrating every new contract signed over the last two months. We know each and every customer will benefit from the tighter operations and more efficient workflows Arcoro’s digital solution provides.

Your business deserves, and will receive, the best support we can give you while we adapt to these changes together and gradually return to normal life. If you have specific needs in HR software during this time, let’s talk. We’ll get through this together. Meanwhile, please stay healthy and safe.

John O’Hara