Those in construction know the industry is more challenging than ever. According to the Associated General Contractors Association, 80% of construction firms say they’re having a hard time filling positions. Add labor shortages to ever-present concerns like staying on budget, keeping operations efficient and maintaining compliance, and construction companies have a full plate of challenges in front of them. That’s where an HR management system can really step up and take some things off your plate.

HR management can enhance how you recruit, hire, retain, develop and promote your most valuable employees. It isn’t just about finding a new employee but finding someone who will fit in with your construction company and who wants to stick around. Here’s how.

Recruiting for the Next Decade, Not Just the Next Year

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an essential part of HR management. It can seamlessly integrate your job postings into your existing career portal. An ATS will target your ads towards skilled candidates depending on the region using job boards specifically for construction so you receive candidates that are qualified. Plus an ATS allows you to maintain compliance by tracking every application and producing AAP reports.

Hiring Only the Best Employees

Once you recruit the right candidate, the next step is onboarding. For construction companies, this part of the HR management process is crucial as you’ve got to worry about proper safety and operating procedures to make sure everyone is working safely while producing quality work on time. A proper onboarding process should give employees something to reference long after training is over. Plus, an automated process gets your workers on the job faster by getting paperwork out of the way before their first day of work.

Tying All of Your HR Processes Together

When your talent management includes one central HRIS, time-consuming HR tasks are simplified. An employee self-service portal allows both administrators and employees to access pay stubs, track demographics and create custom workflows and reports. This allows you to focus on meeting deadlines and staying on budget instead of getting bogged down in paperwork.

Removing the Aches and Pains of Open Enrollment

Forty-six percent of workers say health insurance was either the deciding factor or influenced their decision to choose their current job. With benefits playing such a big part in retention, you don’t want to drop the ball on them. A talent management system with benefits management connects to leading carriers like Unum, Aflac, BlueCross BlueShield and others. You can load plans and brochures and allow employees to access the ones they’re qualified to enroll in.

Cracking Down on Time-Tracking Errors and Theft

With time theft being a top concern for construction companies (more than 75% of companies lose money from buddy punching) having a foolproof way to track time and attendance in your talent management system helps companies eliminate buddy punching and other inaccuracies. Your time tracking system should have mobile-based clock-in, clock-out functionality (including GPS tracking and photo verification for on-site workers).

Making Payroll Problems a Past Issue

No matter how much your employees say they love their job, they want to get paid and get paid on time. Nearly half of American workers will start searching for a new job after two problems with their paycheck. As part of your talent management, payroll software helps you avoid this problem and others like incorrect or late tax filings, inaccuracies, employees’ final pay and exposure to IRS penalties.

Never Forgetting to Compensate Your Best Employees

You’ve worked hard to recruit, hire and train your employee, now you need to keep them. Ninety-four percent of employees would stay at a company if it invested in them. Your talent management system can also help by using compensation management. This allows you to import your existing salary structure from your payroll, automating compensation increases for your top-performing employees. Integrate your compensation to your performance reviews for seamless merit increases. So you never miss the opportunity to compensate those employees that you’ve invested in.

With an integrated talent management system from BirdDogHR, an Arcoro Company, you never have to choose between all or nothing. Our tools work together, like Compensation Management easily adds to Core HR, and you can always add more as your company, or your needs, grow. A great talent management system is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. Schedule a demo with us and we’ll show you how.