Human resources is the backbone of any company. It functions as the recruiter, trainer, culture implementer, record keeper, employee relations manager and career mapper. Usually, all these roles fall on the shoulders of just a couple of employees, which is why technological improvements have been so important. HR software was designed to help busy HR departments do more with less. It assists with recruitment, onboarding, performance management, payroll, succession management and more. And while most HR solutions are designed to do most of these tasks, not all are created equal. Before you invest in a new HR solution, first make sure it will meet your needs.

1. It Scales with You

HR software is a big investment and your company’s future prosperity shouldn’t punish you for making the wrong choice. As your company grows, your HR processes will need to adapt to match that growth or your entire company’s foundation could suffer. You’ll have to find more candidates, offer more training and onboarding and will likely have more turnover. Having a system in place that easily adapts from 50 to 1,500 employees means your department won’t drop the ball.

2. Easy to Use

With two-thirds of your workforce feeling burned out at some point, giving them HR software that’s difficult and inaccessible from home or the field will only increase their workload and frustrations. An easy-to-use solution, that’s cloud-based, mobile-friendly and digital is a must. And, for managers, your HR software must give them access and allow them to run reports at the touch of a button. Having the right tools allows managers to focus less on mundane tasks and more on the people they manage.

3. Built-In Compliance

Maintaining compliance is a full-time job. There’s the Affordable Care Act, Affirmative Action Programs, Equal Opportunity Employer guidelines, drug testing, background screening, I-9 and W-4s, certifications and the list goes on and on. The biggest hurdle to staying compliant is keeping you with all the new rules and regulations. if your HR software isn’t automatically doing that for you, it’s really not helping you.


4. Employee Control

Giving employees the opportunity to take charge of their own onboarding, training and professional development not only empowers them but shows them you’re invested in their future with your company. In fact, 94% of employees say they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in them. HR software that includes an employee portal provides a centralized hub for training, benefits, reviews and onboarding.

5. Endless Integration Options

Your company likely already has some HR systems in place, like an HRIS and payroll software, so any HR solution you add needs to work with what you already have. Built-in connections to dozens of solutions will allow your new software to easily integrate without any extra work. And, integrations also benefit your employees. Since employees can become easily disgruntled jumping from login to login, an integrated system keeps them happy by allowing them access all their HR functions from one platform.

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