The pursuit of higher efficiency and better technology has HR professionals in all industries looking for ways to take advantage of smart HR automation. According to a CareerBuilder survey of HR pros, not fully automating means dedicating an average 14 hours a week to manually completing tasks that could be automated.

Looking to upgrade your HR processes? There’s a lot more to it than just saving your own time.

Here are 24 reasons to upgrade your HR process that you can take to management:

You’ll Create Time for Strategic HR Work

  • More Time to Plan: With extra hours to strategize, you can initiate a more proactive approach to human resources.
  • Keep up on Trends: When massive cultural shifts, like #MeToo, come up in HR, you’ll be prepared to handle changes.
  • Initiate New HR Programs: Wellness initiatives, expanded maternity and paternity leave, elder care referral services and student loan assistance takes a lot of research and implementation time. See the most desired employee benefits for 2019.
  • Enhance Company Culture: Focus on ways to boost morale and engagement, like asking for feedback or starting a recognition program.

You’ll Empower Employees

  • Give the People What They Want: All employees want an easy-to-use benefit management system, but as Millennials and Gen-Zers enter the workforce, smart technology isn’t just a bonus, it’s expected. See what Gen Z wants in their benefits package.
  • Give Employees Autonomy: A top-tier system will put employees in the driver’s seat, allowing them to enter and update their own personal data, as well as access important areas such as paycheck previews and time off banks.
  • Make Time Tracking Easier: Mobile-based clock-in, clock-out functionality (including GPS tracking and photo verification for on-site workers) makes it easy for everyone.
  • Boost Your Employee Value Proposition: When employees are empowered, it creates a culture of trust and loyalty, which reflects well on engagement, employer brand and employee satisfaction.

You’ll Create Better Business Performance

  • Increase Productivity: A smart HR system will encourage and create more engaged employees. A recent Gallup report estimated actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.
  • Bolster Employee Performance: When measurable aspects of performance like goal-setting and objective-meeting are tracked over time, it’s easier to identify what works and what doesn’t. Improve employee performance management in five steps.
  • Boost your Employer Brand: Thriving employees create a good reputation in the job market, from employer referrals to social recruiting. Your employer brand can make or break you as an employer of choice.

You’ll Have a Better Recruitment Process

  • Post to More Places, Quicker: A smart HR system will use one-click distribution to your social networks as well as relevant job post sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Monster and CareerBuilder. Even niche audiences, like veterans, get great visibility. See how veterans can help optimize your applicant pool.
  • Evaluate Applications More Efficiently: Candidate information is kept in a centralized location and easily organized, and with high-quality resume parsing, your most qualified candidates rise to the top.
  • Don’t Sweat Applicant Reporting: The Internet Applicant rule can be a headache, but with candidate batching, you can segment candidates into groups of any size based on your candidate ranking system for easier review and reporting.
  • Get a Wider Pool of Applicants: A superior Applicant Tracking System will lower the bar of entry so more prospects complete the applicant process, and you end up with a bigger pool of qualified candidates.
  • Automate Communication to Candidates: Take candidate follow-up off your plate with automatic communication when an application is received and updates on where candidates are in the hiring process.


You’ll Keep Up With Industry Standards

  • Get Rid of Paper Clutter: Learn how transitioning to a paperless workforce benefits you and your organization. 
  • Secure Your Data: Find a system committed to security excellence that includes best practices like 24/7 monitoring, robust security infrastructure and a tested disaster recovery plan.
  • Don’t Worry About Compliance: Evaluate a system that self-updates to meet government requirements around policies like the Affordable Care Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Learn how to ensure compliance requirements with an ATS.

Easy Usability Will Be Game Changer

  • Go Mobile: Programs need to stay desktop-friendly, but mobile is the future. Whether by smartphone or tablet, you and your employees need to access this information on the go, sometimes under critical circumstances.
  • Put It On the Cloud: The ability to access important HR information anywhere you have an Internet connection will benefit the entire team.
  • Enjoy Easy Scalability: Fluctuating employee numbers, or even the type of services you want, are easy with a smart, cloud-based system.
  • Keep Your Current Devices: Smart HR software will function on any device, from desktops to smartphones, with no need to upgrade any hardware.
  • Integrate Systems: Information silos, like separate homes for payroll, HRIS and more, aren’t helpful. Easy-to-use HR software will integrate with existing systems and eliminate duplicate data entry efforts.

Upgrading your HR processes can do more than just save you time. Learn more about what BirdDogHR’s Applicant Tracking Software can do to help you and your team. 

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