Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Domo arigato. No matter how you say it, a thank you is the best way to let someone know you appreciate them, including your employees. They want to know someone recognizes their hard work and in turn, will be more engaged for it. Actively disengaged workers have miserable work experiences and spread their unhappiness to colleagues. But employees who are recognized feel like their work is important and will continue making valuable contributions, improving their productivity. But for employee recognition to be successful, it needs to be personal, sincere and happen often.

10 Ways to Show Employee Recognition

1. Offer PTO

A little extra time off here and there helps employees balance their work and personal lives. Give employees a half-day off to attend an out-of-town soccer tournament or a girls shopping trip. Talk to your employees to help understand what they value most.

2. Buy a Gift Card

While cash is king, gift cards help personalize the thanks by offering employees something they either normally spend money on (like groceries) or something to treat themselves with (a gift card to a favorite restaurant).


3. Give a Bonus

If an employee really has gone above and beyond, consider compensating them with a bonus. Implementing a compensation program based on achievement includes identifying and tracking milestones while clearly communicating requirements to employees.

4. Let Peers Provide Recognition

Ask employees to note whenever a co-worker has pitched in and helped them out and share that outcome with the entire staff. This can lend way to employee-of-the-month awards or just regular shout outs during company meetings.

5. Take the Team to Lunch

Recognize your entire teams’ effort as a whole with a lunch or other type of outing. Not only do your employees receive recognition, but group events can help bond your team, allowing them to work together more productively.

6. Plan a Volunteering Event

Employers that give back to the community have employees that are 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work. Plan an event that gives employees the opportunity to volunteer as a group or give them PTO to volunteer on their own time.

7. Recognize a Birthday

Not everyone loves to celebrate their birthday, but a simple happy birthday typed in chat, email or said in the hall can show your employees that you not only acknowledge them but care about them outside of work.

8. Write a Thank You Note

A classic, handwritten note never goes out of style. It’s personal, it’s sincere and it’s easy to do.

9. Put Together an Employee Incentive Program

An employee incentive program immediately compensates employees for reaching a set goal, kind of like instant gratification recognition, i.e., if your employees meet a sales goal, lead goal, project deadline and so on, they receive a reward. Just remember to make goals attainable, easy-to-understand and aligns with company objectives.

10. Plan a Company-Wide Employee Appreciation Event

No matter if it is a holiday party or a summer barbecue, just be sure to plan a company-wide employee appreciation event that recognizes everyone. Invite the entire staff from management to interns and pick a day and time that is convenient for the majority of your team. Also, consider inviting spouses, partners and families.

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